The Examples:

The following examples show differing ways to combine the basic harmonic connections. The examples are limited to the following chart factors:

Lunar Apsides: These are the lunar points of apogee (where the moon moves slowly and the perigee where the moon moves quickly. These points have previously been referred to as "Lilith" or "Charybdis" but the author prefers to avoid any potential ambiguity or anthropomorphism by leaving them as points of focus with earthen and lunar overtones. The moon actually appears as a bigger disk in the sky at the point of perigee as it is actually closer to the earth at that time than any other point in the month. Planets near this point receive added focus and exhibit greater interpretational intensity than

Nodes of the Moon: These are the points of intersection of the moon's orbit with the plane of the ecliptic. These points have a solar and lunar quality often associated with unions and associations in the immediate environment and limited surroundings. These points are often referred to as the Dragon's Head and Tail or in Hindu Astrology, Rahu and Khetu

Prime Number Harmonics are the only harmonics used in the examples in order to reduce ambiguity and increase focus. In addition larger prime number harmonics can be introduced with the proviso that the larger the harmonic integer the less significant and measurable the result.

The chart calculations were computed using the Astrolog 5.41 program which is freely available over the internet.
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Which Lama is the real Lama?

An example of this system can be seen in the case of the Panchen Lama born on the 25th of April 1989 in Lhari, Tibet. These are the harmonic connections in the day before his birth, the day of his birth, and the day after his birth.


The Second Choice.
The alternate candidate for the Panchen Lama chosen by the Chinese government was born 13 February 1990. He is widely regarded as an impostor who was created for the purpose of furthering the Chinese occupation of Tibet since 1949. It is believed that the real Panchen Lama was kidnapped or killed in order for the Chinese to have a person to control in the second highest religious position in Tibet.


The Dalai Lama 7 July 1935 Lahsa, Tibet
Mercury: 7 Uranus, 5 Hades
Sun 3 Jupiter
Combining the outer planets:
Jupiter Uranus Hades

U.S. Presidential Election 2000:
Albert Gore The Bringer of the Light
vs. George Bush The Prince of Darkness

The year 2000 presidential election in the United States at the turn of the new millennium provides an example to explore the usefulness of Uranian Harmonic Astrology . The two contestants, George W. Bush and Albert Gore split the vote right down the middle with Albert Gore winning more votes but with Bush using a variety of family influences to throw the election in his way with the use of voter fraud and a hand picked Supreme Court.

Albert Gore 3/31/1948 Washington DC

By Planet:
Mercury: 7 Neptune; 5 Pluto; 7 Zeus; 2 Apollon;
Sun: 7 Jupiter; 5 Uranus; 2 Neptune; 5 Vulcanus
By Harmonic: power ++2/5+2/7 = 1.69
2: Mercury Apollon; Sun Neptune
5: Sun Uranus; Sun Vulcanus
By combining the outer planets Uranus
Neptune Apollon Vulcanus,
Uranus Apollon Vulcanus, Uranus Neptune Vulcanus, Uranus Neptune Apollon
7: Mercury Neptune; Sun Jupiter

George W. Bush 7/6/1946 New Haven CT

By Planet:
Mercury 1 Pluto; 7 Uranus
Sun 7 Kronos
Venus 1 Zeus
Uranus 7 Pluto
Combining outer planets Uranus
Pluto Zeus Kronos
Uranus Zeus Kronos, Uranus Pluto Kronos, Uranus Pluto Zeus
By Harmonic: power 2 3/7 = 2.43
1: Mercury Pluto; Venus Zeus
7: Mercury Uranus; Sun Kronos; Uranus Pluto

Other participants in the 2000 Presidential Election were Republican rioters in Miami,
a corrupt governor in the person of Bush's brother
'JEB' Bush 2/11/1953
and a corrupt Florida Secretary of State
Kathrine Harris.


The United States Supreme Court

But the final blow was struck by the core of Republican backed members of the conservative activist Supreme Court.
By a 5-4 majority, the court – for the first time in U.S. history – stopped the counting of votes cast by American citizens for president.
The majority consisted of Justices William Rehnquist, Anthony Kennedy, Sandra Day O'Connor, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.

Chief Justice William R. Renquist 1 October 1924 Milwaukee, WI
Mercury: 7 Mars, 7 Vulcanus
Venus 7 Uranus
Sun 7 Kronos
Saturn 5 Cupido
By combination of the outer planets Saturn, Uranus,
Cupido, Kronos, Vulcanus
Uranus Kronos Vulcanus
Uranus Cupido Kronos
Uranus Cupido Vulcanus

Anthony Kennedy, 23 July 1936, Sacramento CA
Mercury: 1 Sun, 7 Hades
Venus 7 Vulcanus
Mars 7 Apollon
Outer planets contacted are Mars, Hades, Apollon, and Vulcanus:

Mars Hades Apollon
Mars Hades Vulcanus
Hades Apollon Vulcanus
Mars Apollon Vulcanus

Sandra Day O'Conner, 26 March 1930, El Paso TX
Mercury: 5 Jupiter,
5 Vulcanus, 7 Neptune, 2 Poseidon
Jupiter Neptune Poseidon; Jupiter Vulcanus Poseidon, Jupiter Vulcanus Neptune
Sun: 7 Pluto
Mars: 2 Apollon

Antonin Scalia, 11 March 1936, Trenton NJ
5 Cupido, 7 Apollon, 5 Poseidon
Sun: 7 Kronos (This is shared with William Renquist the Chief Justice and is significant because Scalia is believed to have been already chosen to succeed Renquist as chief justice on the ocasion of his retirement. Scalia is the only member of the court at this time to share the Sun Kronos contact in prime number harmonics.)
Venus: 7 Mars, 7 Hades
Mars: 1 Hades

Clarence Thomas, 23 June 1948, Savannah, GA
1 Venus, 1 Sun, 5 Admetos (this configuration underlines the sexual harasment charges made against Clarence Thomas by his law clerk Anita Hill in the confirmation hearings for his appointment to the Supreme Court)
...and in combination:
Mercury Sun Admetos, Mercury Venus Admetos, Mercury Venus Sun
Mars 1 Apollon

David H Souter, September 17, 1939, Melrose MA
Sun: 1 Neptune, 5 Saturn,7 Pluto,
Saturn 7 Poseidon
Venus: 3 Mars,3 Uranus
Mercury: 7 Hades, 7 Admetos

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 15 March 1933, Brooklyn NY
Venus: 5 Zeus
Sun: 7 Cupido
By combination of these factors:
Sun Cupido Zeus
Sun Venus Cupido
Sun Venus Zeus
Venus Cupido Zeus

Stephen Breyer, 15 August 1938, San Francisco CA,
Venus: 7 Mars, 7 Zeus
Mars: 1 Zeus, 3 Admetos
Saturn 5 Apollon
Pluto 7 Hades
Combining the outer planets Hades
Zeus Apollon Admetos:
Hades Apollon Admetos, Hades Zeus Admetos, Hades Zeus Apollon

John Paul Stevens, 20 April 1920, Chicago IL
Mercury: 7 Mars, 1 Admetos
Venus: 5 Saturn, 3 Cupido
3 Apollon, 5 Poseidon, 2 Mars
Mars 5 Vulcanus
Combining outer planets: Apollon
Admetos Vulcanus Poseidon
Apollon Admetos Poseidon, Apollon Admetos Vulcanus, Apollon Vulcanus Poseidon

The United States Senate


Caligula Emperor of Rome 31 August, year 12 A.D. Spiritual Leader of the Bush Family

Bush's Attorney General John Ashcroft 9 May 1942

JFK assassination 22 November 1963 12:30 PM Dallas TX 96W48 32N47

John D. Rockefeller July 8 1839 The Funding Father of the Oligarchic Movement of America.

The Clinton Administration
Clinton Attorney General
Janet Reno 21 July 1938


Alfred Witte, founder of the Uranian School of Astrology 2 March 1878
Mercury: 3 Zeus, 2 Uranus, 1 Venus

Sun: 5 Pluto, 7 Zeus

Al H. Morrison 8 July 1916

Neptune: 3 Admetos
Venus: 5 Mars 7 Hades

Anti-Astrologer Issac Asimov 2 January 1920

Sun: 5 Jupiter 3 Saturn, 5 Vulcanus
Venus: 3 Hades, 7 Kronos, 7 Jupiter

Hans Niggemann 22 March 1891
Leading proponent of Uranian Astrology in the United States student of Alfred Witte and collaborator.

Mercury: 7 Vulcanus
Venus: 7 Saturn
Mars: 7 Cupido, 3 Poseidon

Tycho Brahe 14 December 1546

Sun : 7 Uranus
Venus: 7 Saturn, 5 Node, 7 Mars
Mercury: 7 Pluto, 7 Uranus
Node Stationary, Uranus Stationary

The Jedi Astrology Group 1/11/2000

Mercury: 5 Zeus, 3 Admetos, 5 Poseidon, 2 Vulcanus
Sun: 2 Vulcanus
Mars: 7 Hades, 5 Admetos
Venus: 5 Vulcanus, 7 Apollon
Saturn Stationary



Mozart, 27 January 1756
5 Mars, 7 Pluto, 2 Neptune, 1 Sun
7 Kronos, 5 Pluto, 3 Mars
Mars: 7 Zeus
By combining the outer planets:
Pluto Zeus Kronos

J. S. Bach, 22 March 1685
Mercury: 5 Hades
Venus: 5 Hades
Mars: 7 Vulcanus
1 Apollon

Berloiz, 11 December 1803,
Mercury: 5 Saturn
Venus 7 Poseidon
Apsides: 7 Mars
Conbining the outer planets:
Mars Saturn Poseidon

Chopin, 2 March 1810,
Venus: 5 Poseidon, 7 Ap[ollon, 5 Node, 3 Apsides, 7 Zeus, 1 Cupido
Sun 1 Cupido
Mars: 3 Hades, 5 Uranus, 3 Neptune, 5 Apollon

Dvorak,, 8 September 1841,
Mercury: 7 Admetos, 5 Saturn, 5 Pluto
Sun: 5 Pluto,

Edward Elgar, 8 June 1857,
Mercury: 1 Sun, 7 Admetos, 1 Zeus
Sun: 5 Poseidon

Gustav Holst, 21 September 1874,
Mercury: 7 Zeus, 3 Saturn, 1 Jupiter, 3 Cupido, 3 Hades
Venus: 7 Cupido, 5 Poseidon, 7 Apollon, 5 Mars
Sun: 2 Kronos
Mars: 1 Poseidon, 7 Saturn, 7 Kronos

Franz Liszt, 23 October 1811,
Mercury: 7 Pluto, 3 Kronos, 5 Poseidon
Venus: 7 Saturn, 5 Kronos, 2 Zeus, 7 Vulcanus
Mars: 7 Apollon

Rossini, 29 February 1792
Mercury: 7 Poseidon, 1 Pluto
Venus: 5 Hades, 3 Mars, 1 Kronos, 5 Apsides
Saturn: 1 Zeus

Richard Strauss, 11 June 1864
Mercury: 7 Neptune
Venus: 3 Saturn
Sun: 5 Neptune
Mars 2 Saturn
Apollon: 5 Admetos
Apsides: 5 Zeus


Political Events

The Battle of Balaclava, 25 October 1854
Mercury: 3 Apsides, 7 Vulcanus
Venus: 7 Mars, 5 Neptune,7 Uranus, 5 Kronos
Sun: 2 Vulcanus, 5 Zeus, 2 Pluto, 7 Apollon
Mars: 7 Uranus

The Battle of Chile, 11 September 1973,
Mercury: 5 Vulcanus
Venus: 7 Hades
Sun: 5 Vulcanus 7 Apsides
Node: 3 Admetos
Combining the outer planets
Hades Admetos Vulcanus

Moncada Barracks 26 July 1953, Santiago Cuba
Mercury: 1 Sun, 7 Apsides
Cupido 7 Admetos
Sun 2 Node
Venus: 3 Neptune, 3 Saturn
Mars: 5 Poseidon
By combining the outer planets: Saturn Neptune
Cupido Admetos Poseidon

The Start of the United States Government Chart
There is also a chart that some of use brought to my awareness by Al Morrison, involving the beginning of business of the US government in Philadelphia on the 4th of March 1789 at 10:10 am. This time is undisputed. This chart is very useful because it is timed exactly, produces good directions, and progressions and deals with material practicalities of our capitalistic society(oxymoron?!). Here is my way of looking at it: The Declaration of Independence was a declaration of war. Our generals and commander in chief as well as the general elections themselves respond to this chart; making it a serviceable representation of what the US does when it goes to war and who leads it in that direction. This is the "Ideal" HOWEVER, there is another chart for the first day of government under the Constitution when the business of the government began and the body of Constitutional Law became the law of the land. This chart is the basis for the Judicial Branch of government, the Treasury department, the IRS; the whole mechanism of government outside of the empty promises of the 4 July chart. The "Real" chart. This chart is exactly timed at 10:00 AM Local Meat Time (10:10AM) for the 4 th of March 1789 in Philadelphia. Check it out. Pax. Michael Jordan

>>Is there any sign or aspect that predicts an absence of conscienceor >>emotional coldness?

The type of constriction that you are looking for could be indicated by Poseidon=Saturn/Admetos=Mars/Hades=Algol/Vulcanus H. Howard Hunt the leading prospect for the murder of John F. Kennedy, and Marrtin Luther King, plus involvement in Robert Kennedys death and the Watergate break in. has Sun=Mars/Saturn for starters Wednesday October 9, 1918. For details of his exploits see Plausible Denial by Mark Lane published in '93. He is by his own admission just about the coldest cat around and the slimiest dream burner on the planet.


Timothy McVeigh 23 April 1968 8:19 AM EST Lockport NY 43n10::78w41
5 Uranus, 3 Neptune, 1 Admetos
1 Saturn, 2 Cupido, 2 Poseidon
Cupido Admetos Poseidon

Branch Dividians killed by FBI fire:
April 19 1993 Waco TX 31n33 32 :: 97w07' 60" 12:06 PM
Mercury 2 Jupiter, 7 Poseidon
Sun 7 Pluto, 7 Cupido
Saturn: 7 Hades
Cupido Hades Poseidon

Federal Building fire
April 19th 1995 9: 02 AM Oklahoma City, OK 35n 28 26 :: 97w31'04"
Mercury: 7 Mars,
7 Pluto, 5 Zeus, 5 Vulcanus
(Mars Pluto Zeus) (Mars Zeus Vulcanus)
7 Jupiter, 3 Cupido, 5 Poseidon,
Zeus Vulcanus Poseidon

McVeigh Executed
11 Jume, 2001, Terra Haute IN 7:14 AM 87w24'26" 39n28'03"
Venus: 2 Poseidon
Sun: 3 Apollon, 1 Hades

Popular 20th Century Musicians

John Lennon, 9 October 1940,
Sun: 2
Admetos, 5 Pluto, 7 Saturn
Mars: 7 Vulcanus

Paul McCartney, 18 June 1942,
Venus: 1 Kronos
Sun: 5 Node, 7 Zeus
Jupiter: 5 Apollon
Saturn 3 Poseidon
Kronos Apollon Poseidon

Gordon Lightfoot, 17 November 1938,
Mercury: 3 Admetos, 3 Hades, 3 Zeus
Venus: 7 Zeus
Sun: 5 Apollon
Neptune: 7 Pluto
Zeus Admetos Apollon

Robert Johnson, 8 May 1911, Hazelhurst Misissippi
Mercury: 7 Uranus, 7 Apollon
Venus: 5 Uranus, 7 Mars, 1 Pluto
Sun: 5 Cupido
By conbining the outer planets
Uranus Pluto Cupido

Doc Watson, 3 March 1923,
5 Pluto, 2 Cupido, 2 Neptune
Venus: 5 Apollon, 3 Poseidon
Sun: 7 Cupido, 7 Neptune, 7 Kronos, 5 Saturn, 1 Uranus
By combining the outer planets
Cupid Kronos Apollon Poseidon:
Cupido Apollon Poseidon, Cupido Kronos Poseidon, Kronos Apollon Poseidon



Emma Goldman 27 June 1869

Mars: 3 Pluto
Sun: 5 Mars
Kronos Stationary, Node Stationary
Veuns: 5 Saturn
Mercury: 7 Vulcanus, 5 Neptune, 5 Hades

Frederich Neitzsche 15 October 1844

Venus: 5 Saturn, 7 Apollon, 7 Uranus, 2 Kronos
Sun: 2 Pluto, 7 Jupiter
Mercury: 2 Uranus, 7 Kronos
Node Stationary
Mars 7 Pluto, 7 Hades

Nikos Kazantzakis 18 February 1883

Mercury Stationary
Sun: 3 Zeus
Mars: 7 Poseidon

Alice Waters Famous Chef, Teacher, and Restauranteur 28 April 1944

Sun: 5 Neptune
Venus: 1 Hades, 5 Cupido, 5 Apollon, 7 Pluto
Mercury: 3 Apollon, 3 Cupido
Saturn: 7 Poseidon
Jupiter: 3 Admetos
Node Stationary

Here are the combinations for the author of this book.
Michael Jordan 11 February 1947:

By planet:

Mercury: 7 Uranus; 5 Neptune; 7 Pluto; 5 Kronos 7 Vulcanus
Venus: 5 Pluto; 7 Admetos
Sun: 2 Zeus; 3 Vulcanus; 7 Apollon
Mars: 5 Cupido
Uranus: 7 Mercury
Neptune: 5 Mercury
Pluto: 7 Mercury; 5 Venus
Cupido: 5 Mars
Zeus: 2 Sun
Kronos: 5 Mercury
Admetos: 7 Venus
Vulcanus: 7 Mercury; 3 Sun

By harmonic:

2: Sun Zeus (.5)
3: Sun Vulcanus (.33)
5: Mercury Neptune (.2); Mercury Kronos (.2); Venus Pluto (.2); Mars Cupido (.2)
7: Mercury Uranus(1/7); Mercury Pluto(1/7); Mercury Vulcanus(1/7); Venus Admetos(1/7); Sun Apollon(1/7)

power total: 2.344285714




Copyright Michael Jordan Monday, June 11, 2001

By Michael Jordan

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