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Astro*Cycle WebWare

Planet*Cycle 2.0

Copyright 2000, 1979.Michael K. Jordan All Rights Reserved

Planet*Cycle 2.0 Updated 05/17/00 12:00:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Refresh (F5) your browser to run the program.

Planet*Cycle 2.0 takes as its INPUT, a beginning harmonic number, an ending harmonic number, plus a number of parts (divisions) for the cycle, and Two Dates.

Planet*Cycle 2.0 RETURNS the present state of the mean synodic motion cycle of the planets, asteroids, uranians, comets through as many harmonics as you would care to investigate. Mean synodic cycles of the planets are very useful in astrological work because they smooth out the annual retrograde motion cycles and are based purely on time and periodicity much the same as the well-known bioryhthm model.

The only adjustment in time that you have to make is to adjust your birth time to your current time zone to agree with the time zone on your computer. For example, if you were born at 2:00 PM in Washington, DC, Eastern Standard Zone(5) and you now live in Oakland, California, Pacific Standard Zone (8), you must subtract three hours from your time of birth. If you moved east you must add 3 hours. Do not attempt to adjust for Local Mean Time because for this application such an adjustment is incorrect. Clock time is what you want to use.
Planet*Cycle 2.0 will adjust for Daylight Savings Time automatically for any date in the past or present according to the standard formula now used in the modern world. Previous regional differences will not be dealt with and if you know of a difference from the norm in earlier dates make an adjustment by subtracting 1 hour. Wartime is also not covered so you must subtract 1 hour for it as well.

Time is optional and you need not include it, but if you include it for one date you have to include it for the second date or the program will generate a NaN (not a number) error which means that it tried to interpret a blank space.

If you have data accurate to seconds or even milliseconds that you want to test you can use it, but you must remember to use it for each date as previously mentioned. If you generate more data than you can easily process, reduce the number of harmonics used or increase the number of parts per cycle. You may start with any harmonic but the ending harmonic must be a higher number. If you try to put in a beginning harmonic higher than an ending harmonic the program will not generate data.

By changing the parts per cycle you can effectively increase or decrease the orbs that you use. A higher number of parts per cycle creates a narrower orb and a lower number of parts per cycle creates a wider orb. 720 parts per cycle (default) gives an orb of 1/2 degree on either side of exact. 56 parts per cycle gives an orb equal to the mean synodic motion of the Moon of 1/2 day on either side of exact. If the cycle is past completion you will receive an indication that the cycle is Separating, and consequently if the cycle is before completion you will receive an indication that the cycle is Applying. Zeros will not crash the program and are actually a convenient way (parts per cycle) to see all of the cycles that are in this edition.

This program is written in JScript, for the Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4 and above and Netscape 4 and above.
It showcases a new interactive browser technology which is immediate, powerful and transportable, and very efficient. Execution times in Explorer 5.0 are nearly instantaneous, Netscape 4.7 may vary according to individual settings for your browser. This program does not write to your disk but is instead interpreted by your browser which allocates ram for the arrays that are used. This program will run on any PC or Macintosh computer that will load a browser which will interpret Java Script. As of this writing it will not operate on the OPERA browser from Norway.

If you want to run the program again just Refresh (F5) on
Explorer; or Reload (control R) on Netscape.

If you want to keep this copy, just save it as you would any other file or web page. It is not dependent upon the web server in any way at all. You may send it to a colleague attached to an eMail and when it is detached it will run perfectly!

You do not have to be on-line to operate this program!

Planet*Cycle 2.0 as a shortcut on your desktop.

This program is shareware ... feel free to use it and freely distribute it. If you enjoy using it and would like to receive enhanced upgraded versions as they become available including additional asteroids and comets of your choosing, more transneptunian objects, additional hypothetical planets, numerology, Asian astrology, Aztec/Mayan astrology, and many other user programmable features please register the program by sending $20.00 to

Michael Kerry Jordan,
128 Kenyon Ave.,
Kensington, CA 94708.

Thank you!